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In recent Identity Theft News, the New York Times reports that a Russian Gang has stolen the credentials of over a billion accounts.

Do you have Identity Theft protection in place?  When you discover that identity theft has happened to you, do you have dozens or even hundreds of hours of spare time to repair the damage?  That’s exactly what some companies expect you to do after they have notified you that you have bad identity theft news.  One company even brags that they will spend a lot of money to help YOU repair the damage.  One company (while they will help you repair the damage if you are so inclined) is expertly experienced to repair the damage for you.  Find out more about the best company to not only notify you of a potential problem, but to actually help you when you get bad identity theft news.

The New York Times reported yesterday, August 5, 2014 that Russian Gangs stole over a Billion credentials.

Don’t wait until you get victimized.  You could get bad Identity Theft News even if you are careful, and even if you don’t have great credit or make a lot of money.

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