Identity Theft News

Identity Theft News:  Who cares?  Answer: A Lot of People!  The article I’m linking below is new, fresh Identity Theft News, and illustrates once again that we need protection from identity theft.  Not just hearing about it IF the network learns about it, and not just being told how to repair the damalge ourselves.  The best protection against identity theft can be obtained here, whether you live in Tennessee, like me, or somewhere else in the country.

From the New York Times, dated August 5, 2014:

Identity Theft News Reveals Russian Gang Steals Millions of Identities

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Most of us seem to think that identity theft happens only to “other people.”  Funny how it feels different after it happens to us.

I’m a pretty careful person when it comes to guarding things that should be private.  But then again, I don’t try to steal my own identity materials.  Probably the same for you, right?

Before I got identity theft protection, mly own bank somehow allowed someone who worked for them to steal quite a bit of money from the card associated with my business account.  I got my money back, but it took roughly FIFTY HOURS of my time to deal with the issues.  All during business hours, of course.  What is fifty hours of your time at work worth to you?

For me, it’s worth well over three years of the cost of the best identity theft protection/ identity theft restoration available.

I also got a call about 18 months ago from a collector trying to get over $3,400 from me on a credit card I paid off, then cancelled in 1992.  I called my identity theft protection / identity theft restoration people that evening after supper, spent a little over ten minutes on the phone with them, and they took care of it.  I not only didn’t have to pay – lI got an apology letter from the credit card company. Checked my credit record (that’s included with the program, too), and there wasn’t a mark on my record from the credit card company’s mistake.

Would you really rather chase down things like that by yourself, even with help?  Not me.

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Identity Theft News

In recent Identity Theft News, the New York Times reports that a Russian Gang has stolen the credentials of over a billion accounts.

Do you have Identity Theft protection in place?  When you discover that identity theft has happened to you, do you have dozens or even hundreds of hours of spare time to repair the damage?  That’s exactly what some companies expect you to do after they have notified you that you have bad identity theft news.  One company even brags that they will spend a lot of money to help YOU repair the damage.  One company (while they will help you repair the damage if you are so inclined) is expertly experienced to repair the damage for you.  Find out more about the best company to not only notify you of a potential problem, but to actually help you when you get bad identity theft news.

The New York Times reported yesterday, August 5, 2014 that Russian Gangs stole over a Billion credentials.

Don’t wait until you get victimized.  You could get bad Identity Theft News even if you are careful, and even if you don’t have great credit or make a lot of money.

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Blog: Insurance and Planning Questions and Answers

Insurance! Why does it have to be so complicated?!?

Well, it doesn’t. But then again, my cousin the neurosurgeon understands that subject pretty well, too. Not me!

Some aspects of insurance are pretty easy to understand. When your home catches fire, you need money to rebuild or to get another place. When someone crashes into your car, you probably need a rental while yours is getting repaired.

But then, you can listen to the radio or read a magazine and hear conflicting opinions about what kind or how much life insurance you should have.

Then there’s a lot of conversation going on concerning health insurance, the Affordable Care Act, and whether we should change the laws to allow for selling/ buying health insurance across State lines. Funny, I’ve obtained health insurance from companies from several States for clients in several different States for a few decades. For instance, I live in the Memphis, TN area, and have obtained health insurance for clients in TN, AR, MS, SC and more from Companies in Nebraska, Iowa, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

So why are otherwise intelligent people spending so much time proposing that we start doing something that has already been happening for a very long time? Actually, it’s simple: they just don’t know.

No one person can be an expert in every known subject. That’s why I don’t try to do brain surgery!

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