Medi-Share Christian HealthCare Ministry

At Medi-Share Christian HealthCare Ministry, we know many are looking for an affordable, Biblical Healthcare plan: a better way to get your healthcare bills paid – without breaking the bank!

You’ve come to the right place!

Trent Hall, LUTCF is authorized by Medi-Share Christian HealthCare Ministry to help individuals and families in all 50 States. Many find that Medi-Share is the most affordable way for practicing Christians to share their eligible healthcare expenses and get their bills paid.  (Medi-Share is now available in Montana)

Medi-Share Affordable, Biblical Healthcare. Call Trent Hall, LUTCF at (901) 870-1325 or (901) 308-8893 for more information

With Medi-Share, 250,000 members and their families have joined a ministry that has operated since 1993. Medi-Share has never failed to pay all eligible healthcare bills for our members.

Medi-Share members never pay for treatments that  are in conflict with Christian values.  Out of pocket costs are typically lower than commercial alternatives, too!

Medi-Share members are  exempt from ACA penalties!

Question:  Is there a PPO Network?    Answer:  Yes! – but it’s not required; you can use the PPO network and may save some money but you can use any appropriately licensed healthcare provider and still get great savings and service.

Example question:  ‘We’ve been married for a while and want to start a family.  Are prenatal and maternity costs a covered expense?’ Answer:  Yes!

To learn more, click here, send a message, or give us a call at either (901) 308-8893 0r at (901) 870-1325.  If we’re busy helping others when you call, leave a message including your name and best number to call you back.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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