LegalShield:  Who needs it?  Why should you keep a LegalShield membership “at the ready” for your family and your business?

What is LegalShield, anyway?   Why would you want a LegalShield membership?

How often do you thoroughly read and evaluate the contracts, loan agreements, mortgages, leasing agreements for a home, car, or office?  I thought so.   Most other people don’t actually read them, either.

Is your Last Will and Testament attorney – reviewed and up to date?  What about your health care directive?  What about those times when you weren’t treated fairly, but just let it go because you didn’t think you could afford the legal fees or the time to get relief when something wasn’t quite right?

How do you know which attorney to call for different legal situations or advice?

With LegalShield, we provide ONLY Top-rated Law Firms and attorneys who are “AV rated” by Martindale-Hubbel to serve our members – at a tremendous savings.

Want to see how much you can save while using only the very best attorneys — and can call on them every day and even 24/7 — and not get a bill?  Read here to learn more about how LegalShield can save you money on your Will, for instance.

What if you could get advice and service from an experienced attorney with specialized expertise in the issue at hand, without having to check your bank balance first?  For many people, the idea of paying hundreds of dollars per hour keeps them from getting skilled legal advice.  Sometimes the cost of NOT getting skilled legal advice can cost a LOT of money!

What about the implications of those contracts and agreements when entering into agreements with a business partner or venture? What about lease or mortgage agreements?  What about other contracts?

How might things work out if something unpleasant develops? Suppose there is an automobile accident, an unfair traffic ticket, a zoning issue, or a child custody concern?  What about warranty coverage that doesn’t seem to be getting the right result?  Ever had a billing dispute?

Our large team of experts in law firms located across the USA and Canada have the specialized experience to advise and to advocate for you, whether you are talking with a police officer at 2 am, or if you are seeking advice with a tax issue.

Business members can learn from highly experienced business consultants, learn about a wide range of business topics from our extensive knowledge base, and get legal consultation and representation.  Assistance with collections, contract review, employee issues and more are included.

 Why LegalShield?    

“…It’s important, I think, that members know that they have access, no matter how small because your time is worth something.”

– Kristy Gillmann


David Allen
“It was helpful to be able to call a lawyer…it turns out that not only did they help me, but they really helped the whole community…” – David Allen

 You do realize that the people offering a contract for you to sign probably did have an attorney make sure the contract protected their interests, right?.

Their interests probably aren’t identical to yours.

Do you have tax questions, or a tax problem calling out for a solution?  With the new regulations coming out so often, do you really understand the implications of all of them?  Do you realize that your CPA must simply relate what is and what happened.  Your attorney can advocate for you.  That is a big difference, any time you might be in trouble. With this membership, just pick up the phone and discuss your concerns with an experienced tax attorney.  Don’t worry about the cost.  Your small monthly membership fee means you don’t have to worry about the cost.

Our thousands of experienced attorneys (average 19 years in their specialty) are thoroughly vetted, continually evaluated for excellent service and quality, and they are paid by the plan, not directly by you.  In other words, they spend their time taking care of our members, not trying to decide whether you can pay for their services.

That’s a great advantage our Legal Service Plan members enjoy.  For less than a dollar a day, a family can have one of the best law firms in the State (or Province) – without having to wonder whether they can pay the bill.  The skilled, experienced, specialized attorneys can devote their full attention to service you, instead of trying to determine whether they will be paid for handling your case!

Every LegalShield member (even you and me), gets the top-notch service that only the wealthy could afford without a plan like ours.  Why not ask yourself: “Why would I want to pay $250 or more per hour when I can pay less than $250 per year for unlimited legal consultation, and other legal services?”

Whether you are a single person, or have a family, When was the last time you updated your “Last Will & Testament?”

Have you ever paid a speeding ticket you didn’t deserve because it was cheaper to just pay up than to pay an attorney $300 an hour?

If you are a business owner, how often do you spend too much time trying to collect money owed to you?

Should you incorporate, and if so, what form of corporation is best for you and your business?

How much thought have you given to the cost of excellent legal representation?  What about the uncertainty of not knowing who to call, or who has expertise and experience with the types of issues you’re facing?

Did you know that we offer a membership that allows you to talk with and get advice from an experienced attorney as often as you wish – on topics ranging from the trivial to the traumatic?  Imagine how much that would cost without the membership we offer for as little as $20 per month.  That’s legal protection and service for both you and your spouse, including your dependent children.

I know someone (you probably do, too) that was pulled over by a law enforcement officer.  Could have been their car looked like the one they were looking for.  Could have been a “speed trap” or some other strange thing.  Most people don’t even like to talk about those things, because they can be embarrassing and quite costly.  What if you could make a toll-free call and get an experienced attorney on the line –no matter what time of dayto talk to the officer right there and right then – on your behalf?

What if you need to go to Court?  How many hours of trial preparation and Court time can you afford to pay for out of pocket?

We offer protection against the high costs of hiring a skilled, experienced, specialized attorney — for as little as $20 per month.  Unfortunately, some people know the high cost of not getting legal advice.  Do you want that to be you, your family, or your business?

Some people wonder how we can provide so much value for as little as $20 per month.

We have been doing it since 1972.  Current and former State Attorneys General own our memberships themselves —                      and endorse us.

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