What is IDShield?  Why would you want an IDShield membership?  One of the biggest, most common, and most expensive crimes of our day is identity theft crime.  Counting just the public news / media reports in the past few months, hundreds of millions of people have potentially been affected by credit related data breaches.  How can I learn more or enroll for the very best value in Identity Theft Protection / Restoration?

What is IDShield?

Some identity theft is digital.  Someone hacks into your bank account.  Someone installs a ‘skimmer’ on a credit card reader at the gas pump or ATM.  Maybe your waitress copies your credit card information before bringing back your receipt.

Other identity theft happens the old fashioned way.  We ALL need IDShield!

Suppose someone steals your identity and commits crimes in your name – then YOU get arrested!?

Suppose someone applies for a job using your information — and loses that job for misbehavior or crimes; the next time you want to change jobs, you have unflattering information on your record.

You write a check, and someone else orders more checks with their name and your bank account information.  Someone pilfers your mailbox.

Someone files a tax refund with your information, and takes your tax refund.

The methods used to commit financial identity theft go on and on.

But, did you know that there are other kinds of identity theft?  Types that the ‘other services,’ some of whom spend a LOT of money to advertise on radio and television DO NOT cover… and those programs cost much more than ID Shield.  Why pay more when you can have the best for less?

There is also medical records identity theft, financial identity theft, and more.  To learn about the very best ID Shield service, click here.

One service is the very best in preventing identity theft, and in putting your life back together.  One identity theft protection service — ID Shield — has an exclusive contract with Kroll, Inc., the world wide leader in security, investigations, and restoration.  While some other Identity Theft services offer to “spend money” to help you to restore the damage done by identity theft.

Our plans provide comprehensive professional restoration services – done by us so you don’t have to take time away from your life.  For those that prefer to spend potentially hundreds of hours doing it themselves, we will also assist.  Most ID theft victims don’t have the desire or the time to handle the time consuming restoration processes, and choose to take advantage of the effective, professional restoration services included with our IDShield plans.  With IDShield and LegalShield, you get Total Access … Total Freedom.

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