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Business Insurance – First Service: Insurance & More provides multiple solutions, and experienced, expert advice when needed and wanted. Want to protect your business and save money too?

We also offer plans that save money for the business, reduce out of pocket costs for employees, and allow the employees to increase their take-home pay.  Best part:  there is no net cost to the employer or the employee for this program.  Want to find out if this plan is right for you?  Call Trent Hall, LUTCF at 901-308-8893 to learn more.

We have provided “Today’s Solutions … for a Bright Tomorrow” since 1982 in multiple States to businesses, government entities, churches, individuals, and families.

When you deal with Trent Hall, LUTCF, who are you dealing with?

  • An independent broker who works for you, not for the insurance company.
  •  A person who has worked in the business consulting business helping business owners in three time zones and multiple States, and trained others to do so.
  • A person who has taught accredited courses associated with the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and the American College.
  • A person who started a ‘scratch’ insurance agency in 1988 and grew it to 480 advisors under contract, and ran that business until 2007.
  • A person who is active as a leader in his local church and served as a Certified Church Growth Consultant with the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • A person who has served as a leader of three different ministries within one of the largest associations of local churches in the nation.
  • A person who doesn’t know all the answers, but has a good idea where to find the answers he doesn’t know.

Brokers only: You may want to find out more: Trent Hall, LUTCF is a General Agent / Senior Director and Certified Small Business Specialist, Commercial Drivers Legal Protection specialist, and a Group Benefits Specialist.

We sponsor a page with BenefitsPro.  That page offers a great deal of helpful information.  You are encouraged to check it out for yourself at

You may also want to visit my LegalShield site for more information, or contact me directly.  For an informative video presentation just for independent insurance agents, click here.

Some employers realize too late that their employees also have complicated lives. Multiple issues vie for their attention, and can be a major distraction that hampers their effectiveness and efficiency on the job.  That, in turn, can (and does) hurt productivity — and your profits.

If we at Business Insurance – First Service: Insurance & More could show you how to reduce stress and save time for your employees; could increase productivity related profits;  could stay on the job both physically and mentally because they no longer need to take off work to tend to urgent personal matters,  — would you be open to  getting the details?

For that matter, when you need legal advice or assistance, if we could ensure that you could engage a top quality experienced attorney who specializes in the issue you need to address – at a low cost, or even a zero cost – What would that mean to you?

Are you a small business owner who is a partner or sole proprietor – or the primary owner of a small corporation?

Is is likely that your business would run just the same if you were sick or hurt and couldn’t be there to run the business?  How long would it take for someone else to be able to sell, administer, manage, hire, fire, and do all the things you do that make you business thrive?   What is the likelihood that if you were out of the picture for a few months your business revenue might decline?

Did you know that there may be a way to provide cash to meet business overhead expenses while you recover?   There is.  The cost of not having this solution could be catastrophic, while the cost of having it is probably less than you think. You can get your questions answered, and if you wish, take positive action when you connect with Business Insurance – First Service: Insurance & More.   Let’s talk.

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"Today’s Solutions … for a Bright Tomorrow"