Supplemental policies are often thought of as “extra” or even “unnecessary.”

Try telling that to those who have been able to pay the rent, buy groceries, or keep the lights on because of supplemental policies!

In fact, supplemental polices can be vital to the financial health for you and your family.

Major Medical policies can help to pay health care bills – after deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance – often amounting to thousands of dollars.

Who pays your routine bills (and the extra bills) when you miss work?

Aflac can help!

We offer several great insurance carriers that offer supplemental benefits.  They include Assurity Life, CIGNA,  Mutual of Omaha, American General (AIG), and others.  They are all quite good.

Most if not all of them offer supplemental benefits as well as more mainstream policies and serve markets that Aflac doesn’t serve. All of them provide excellent value, while Aflac specializes in policies and systems for supplemental policies.

Why?  Aflac, provides a great choice of  affordable benefit plans, and a system that delivers cash – fast – to  people every day.

When you, your spouse, or your kids get sick or hurt, expenses rise, and income is down because of being off work:

Would you still need cash to pay your bills?  Of course you would!

Would you want your cash fast?

Aflac pays cash in about four days – and new systems are being rolled out now to pay claims even faster!

Take another look: Get the facts before your next injury or illness.


This Page is about Supplemental coverage, but NOT about Medicare Supplement coverage.

(Another page covering that topic will be launched soon.)

For Employers and HR people, the informative video could give an additional perspective: 

Click for the YouTube Video:  “State of the US Workforce”   published July 2014.

Supplemental coverage is NOT major medical coverage.

Supplemental coverage is there to pay for living expenses, to replace lost income and to prevent financial catastrophe.

It could be the popular Dental and Vision coverage.

It could be the accident indemnity plans.

It could be Disability Income Replacement Insurance.

It could be Cancer Insurance.

To get more information about the difference between supplemental policies and major medical insurance, see below:

Did you know that major medical insurance won’t pay for your missed work, for hotel rooms, extra meals out, and so forth?

It could be Specified Health Event coverage to help you stay financially healthy while recovering from a heart attack, stroke, or other health issue.

Did you know that a majority percentage of bankruptcies happen to people who have major medical coverage – and the ‘incidental’ losses and expenses cause those bankruptcies?

When you miss work because you or someone in your family is hurt or sick, how long will your company continue to pay you as if you were on the job?  For many, the answer is “not at all.”  For some, the answer is “it depends on how many sick days I have left.”  When your paychecks aren’t coming in at full strength, or worse yet – not at all, how will that affect your budget, your lifestyle, and your stress level?

Did you know that money troubles are one of the most common listed causes of divorce and other marriage troubles?

Can you imagine the peace of mind you can know when you get tax-free money from Aflac?

Accident, Disability, Life, Cancer, Specified Event and other protection plans from Aflac pay cash directly to you, and pay quickly.

Can you think of a good reason  to avoid finding out how Aflac can protect you and your family – and your budget today?

I didn’t think so!

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